Taxis Limos and the fight for free markets in Nashville

Last night at Mafioza’s, long time Liberty on the Rocks member, Rod Williams, brought along Mr. Bokhari from the limousine service Metro Livery. It was great for Ali to share his story with our group; you may have heard about Metro Livery’s lawsuit against the City of Nashville for a city regulation that is holding up free enterprise in the taxi business and has set up a fixed price arrangement of the sort that we usually expect government officials to keep from happening as a consumer protection matter. The Institute for Justice is helping, unfortunately this isn’t the first time a Nashville business needed their help going up against the city administration. We hope this one will be just as successful and customers in Nashville will be rewarded with lower prices and competitive service!

You can find information about Metro Nashville’s interesting taxi vehicle inspections at Mr. Bokhari’s blog: Selective Enforcements. Until I looked over his blog I wasn’t aware that some horse carriages in the down town district have moved out of town to tourist cities where they can operate without hassle.

Hat’s off to Rod for getting the word out, he’s been posting information about where and when people could attend city meetings on this issue, watch our Facebook group for future notices. We always welcome input from any and all Liberty on the Rocks members. If you know of any situation where the freedom of individuals are being hampered or free enterprise is endangered post it on our page or email us!

Hear from Mr. Bokhari himself:


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    The Metro Livery has been ticketed for not charging the exorbitant $45 minimum charge as mandated by the city. They charged $25 for a 10 minute passenger trip.

    Metropolitan Transportation Inspector Milton Bowling issued this citation a mere week after Federal Judge Kevin Sharp ruled against the effort by Metro to keep the case moving to court.

    Follow this story here, or through our Facebook group:

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