Post-election meet to weep for the fate of humanity celebration30

Come on out this Thursday, November 8th, for Liberty on the Rocks at Mafioaza’s.  We’ve moved up the night this month on account of Thanksgiving.  We wanted to give everyone one last chance to engage with a group of rational thinkers before being thrown into the nightmare of political discussion with estranged family members.  One last hurrah before you’re drugged to the gills with turkey, one too many bites of pumpkin pie, and a tall mug of hot apple cider brandy while being forced to listen to your adopted-second-cousin-once-removed-in-law ramble on about how things are gonna be different now that their guy won the election.

Additionally, we’ll be trying to arrange a book club of sorts, so make sure to sign up and get involved.

As always, things start at 5:30pm and go until they stop.

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