Knoxville Liberty on the Rocks to Launch Soon!

Liberty on the Rocks is coming to Knoxville!  We’re working to scope out restaurants and get set up for an inaugural event in January, and we already have a couple of good leads on a location.

If you are in Knoxville or have friends in Knoxville, there are several ways you can stay in the loop.  First of all, the Knoxville chapter will be sharing this web page with its sister groups in the Nashville metro area.  So check back right here for more details.

Other ways to stay in touch:

  • Join the Knoxville e-mail list by clicking here.
  • Add yourself to our Facebook group at this link.
  • Send the text “knoxville” to 58124 from your cell phone to receive text message updates.
  • E-mail us at

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help organize, please e-mail us at or post on our group Facebook page.  We can’t wait to build a fun and exciting group of liberty-minded folks in Knoxville!

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