January meeting - Numismatic Simulacrum Pandemonium Edition of Liberty on the Rocks

Come join us next Thursday, 5:30pm at Mafiaoza’s for the first meeting of 2013!

This has been an action packed Holiday season. You may have noticed that the world didn’t end, so the Mayans were wrong. But you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the news in D.C. and Tennessee. The U.S. is apparently going to be paying its bills with trillion dollar coins now, and police chiefs are fighting wine in grocery stores for fear of pandemic level butt-chugging.

See you there!

Additionally, we’ll be trying to arrange a book club of sorts, so make sure to sign up and get involved.

We would also like to start a LOTR Library were people can checkout books. Educating yourself and others is a great way to propel the liberty movement forward. Please bring any material that you would like to donate our LOTR Library.

As always your friends, family, coworkers are welcome so spread the word!


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