The Liberty Workshop

Our Nashville chapter is considering getting together a group to travel en masse to the Atlanta workshop. Here are the details…  If interested, contact us on our facebook page.

Liberty on the Rocks is traveling to four cities throughout 2013, providing activists and enthusiasts with the skills necessary to promote the liberty philosophy in their everyday lives. 2013 Workshops: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston and Pittsburgh.

Keynote Speakers Include Antony Davies of the Mercatus Center, Sharon Harris of Advocates for Self-Government, Libertarian Girl, and more to be announced soon!


Join Liberty on the Rocks and other freedom-based sponsors for a half-day workshop that will leave you feeling confident about your knowledge of essential foundational principles of economics and liberty. Attendees will engage in discussions and exercises to challenge many preconceived notions and our very ability to communicate the values we hold.

What People Are Saying About the Workshop…. 

Throughout the Workshop Attendees will Learn:

  • The role economics and philosophy plays in the advancement of liberty and freedom
  • How to communicate the ideas of freedom to a number of different audiences
  • Different ways of looking at public policy from an economic perspective
  • And much, much more!

Facilitators will include Jeff Proctor of the Charles Koch Institute, formerly of IHS; Justin Longo of the Independence Institute and Complete Colorado; and Amanda Muell, president of Liberty on the Rocks.

All workshops will be followed by a networking reception and lunch will be provided. Tickets to attend are $5 and can be purchased online. Tickets purchased at the door are $15 if space is available. If you have any questions, please contact us at



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