The Liberty Workshop

Our Nashville chapter is considering getting together a group to travel en masse to the Atlanta workshop. Here are the details…  If interested, contact us on our facebook page.

Liberty on the Rocks is traveling to four cities throughout 2013, providing activists and enthusiasts with the skills necessary to promote the liberty philosophy in their everyday [...]

Nashville LOTR - School Choice Edition

Special Guest Speaker: Shaka Mitchell on the Importance of Charter Schools


Shaka Mitchell will be attending this month’s Liberty on the Rocks. He is an attorney, non-profit leader, and public policy consultant in N

ashville. Currently he is a director at LEAD Public Schools and teaches at Belmont University. He has worked at the Beacon

Center [...]

Nashville LOTR Movie Night - Fat Head


LOTR is doing TWO meetings a month now. Our second event will be more targeted -
We are pleased to have libertarian Comedian and Writer Tom Naughton show the freshly released directors cut of ‘Fat Head’ (you’ve been fed a load of bologna)! With a Q & A following – because LOTR is always [...]

March meeting - Drones, Drinks, and Discussion

A night of Easy Targets: Destroy yourself with friends at Liberty on the Rocks

It’s been a busy month since last we met, folks.  Obama was inaugurated a third and fourth time, and with all the hoopla, somehow a white paper detailing the President’s legal justification to kill American citizens without due process was leaked to the [...]

January meeting - Numismatic Simulacrum Pandemonium Edition of Liberty on the Rocks

January 2013 Liberty on the Rocks [...]

Last Liberty on the Rocks before the Mayan Fiscal Cliff



We are meeting a week early this month so everyone will have time to prepare for the obvious doom on the 21st.  Prepare for a night of lively discussion of current political, economic, philosophical issues, and remember that after the apocalypse, be it Mayan or Fiscal, 2 for 1 beers may no longer be a [...]

Post-election meet to weep for the fate of humanity celebration30

Come on out this Thursday, November 8th, for Liberty on the Rocks at Mafioaza’s.  We’ve moved up the night this month on account of Thanksgiving.  We wanted to give everyone one last chance to engage with a group of rational thinkers before being thrown into the nightmare of political discussion with estranged family members.  One [...]

QE∞ Happy Hour

Quantitative Easing can now last for ever!

The good times at LOTR will only last a few hours but we hope some quantity of food and beverages will help ease the $40 Billion/month heading to the next induced bubble while your economic future and freedom tend to lag.


Join our August Happy Hour!

We’ll start another fun filled edition of Liberty on the Rocks on Thursday August 16th at 5:30PM until around 8:30 or so.  Join in at any time, stay as long as you like.  Mafiaoza’s Pizzaria, 2400 12th Avenue South.

Last month we had a great turnout.  Often July is a slow month with many people on [...]

May 17th - meetup

We are encouraging members to bring a friend this month.  Last month we had about 30 people, but we need to boost attendance back up to 40 again like recent months.  So we’re asking you to think of someone you know who is into good discussion, open minded and just plain fun to be around.


Mafiaoza’s [...]