Thursday, October 20th · 5:30pm – 9:00pm at Mafiaoza’s

The weather is cooling off you should too, come chill out with like minded folks at Liberty on the Rocks!

We welcome all critical thinkers and fun lovers, the conversations start at 5:30 but drop in and join your regular friends or make a few new ones. [...]

Back to School Meetup

Thursday, September 15 · 5:30pm – 9:00pm at Mafiaoza’s

Summer’s over but the conversations will still be going full speed! Join your regular friends and welcome our college students back.

Plus we’ll be doing a little conversation starter for extra fun!

Charlie, some of you know as a regular for the last year, shared this paper on the [...]

Economics & Monetary Policy Discussion

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Does China still owe people for bonds it sold prior to 1939?

As a follow up to last weeks piece by the Blue Collar Muse he is hosting a call in show – here’s the scoop:

As some of you may have been following, I’ve been posting about China’s own real bond default that is costing US citizens $750 billion and the rest of the world trillions more.
The [...]

Economic warfare

The Blue Collar Muse covers a twist in the debt/credit/financial rattling of sabres:


Aside from the very interesting twist in debt holdings that BCM provides (you’ve gotta follow the link) there is also this reminder from a while back.

18 months ago The New York Post reported that two and a half years ago,

… the Pentagon held [...]

Paul Krugman and Space Aliens from the Planet Keynes

Via Robert Murphy and CNN – Fareed Zakaria talks about Keynes’ concept of paying people to dig holes and then fill them back in.



Is that what they mean when they say Shovel Ready?

What do you think about infrastructure spending and was World War Two an economic savior?  We have had two multi-trillion dollar wars going [...]

July Happy Hour

You know the run down – come make new friends and catch up with old ones.  Everyone has a good time at Liberty on the Rocks!

Join us July 21st 5:30 – 9:30 for great food and 2 for 1 beer at Mafiaoza’s.

Great food, fun and conversation, free and open to all who like [...]

Thoughs on the class war

More and more I hear that there are too many who are rich and they are retaining all the money while the rest of us are not getting a cut.   I’d like to open this discussion and ask people to post how they are fairing under the current economic inequity. Come on, someone play Devil’s [...]

Frederic Bastiat, Happy Birthday

Today marks the birth of Frederic Bastiat in 1801.

He is well known for writing ‘The Law‘  in 1850 which gives his view on the legitimate purpose of government.  One point being that when government does not protect liberty and property it is contrary to the legitimate function of government.  Part of his [...]

Free Market Medicine Talk & Social

Think Obamacare is the wrong solution? Think it is the right solution? Come learn about what can happen when doctors and patients get together in the marketplace.

Our guest speaker is Ralph Weber, he has contributed health reform policy for politicians including Rudy Giuliani and Mike Villines. He has personal experience with the Canadian Healthcare system [...]